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Portable Fridges

What’s the best Portable Fridge cooling solution for your trip?


Just like the rest of your camping gear, there are a lot of options when choosing a fridge/freezer that’s right for you. And just as the length and destination of your trips can change each time you go away, so will your requirements of your fridge/freezer. So how do you choose the right one?

Start by thinking about how you travel. Are you packing the wagon for a coastal getaway where a lighter polypropylene cabinet is not only salt water resistant but also easier to lift onto the boat? Or is it an off road adventure where your gear is going to get bumped around and a solid steel bodied fridge is going to best protect your food and drink?

Next, where do you usually setup camp? For those who typically find themselves at a powered caravan park site, 2 Way Fridge/freezers are perfect as they run either 240V AC or 12/24V DC power. These can also be run just as well off generators and solar panels for use at unpowered sites or for those travellers who move sites regularly.

If you’re the type of traveller who heads off the map in search of remote locations, then the added ability of 3 Way Coolers and Fridge/freezers to be run on LP Gas is a real plus. Ultra efficient when run this way, 3 Way models are often the choice of those who get away from civilisation for weeks at a time and tend to setup camp in the one spot.

What size Portable Fridge do you need for your trip?

Finally, what are you putting in it? Beer? Fruit and veg? Your catch of the day? Family campers will have different requirements to a boy’s fishing trip, so list the items that you like to take with you and see whether one large compartment or having two separate compartments is going to give you the best result. Along with using the rule of 12Ltr per person as a rough guide, this will also give you the best idea of the size you need.

Above all else, don’t forget to look at your vehicle. There’s no point having a fridge that’s large enough to cater for your family of six if it won’t fit in the back of the car. Keep in mind that not every item needs to be kept cold from the minute you leave, so prioritise your supplies accordingly.

Fridge Plugs & Sockets

At Mobiletek we offer a large range of Fridge Plugs, Sockets and 12 Volt Outlets. Mobiletek recommends they be wired to a Dual Battery System to maximise efficiency.