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Speed Alerts

speed alertDon‘t get caught speeding –instead, Install a speed alert! Speed Alerts are for people who believe that compliance with the law, rather than the use of speed camera detectors, which are likely to result in breaking the law, are the most responsible approach for drivers to take. With Mobiletek‘s speed alert, the precise speed can be selected in 1 km increments. When the vehicle has reached the chosen speed, it warns the driver that they have exceeded the preset speed,by a flashing red light and a loud audible beeping sound. The intensity and volume of this audio warning will increase the faster you are above the speed limit you have set.

Speed Alerts have three major attributes:

  1. They enable the driver to keep his or her eyes ‘on the road: instead of having to frequently look down at the speedometer to check the speed.
  2. They help to stop speed creep in poor visibility or slippery conditions and also help in towing a trailer where speed limits are lower.
  3. Alarm driver when head lights have been left on. (Optional extra.)Speeding often occurs through a lack ofconcentration.A speed alert is just the ticket to stop thoseannoying speeding fines. They are simple to use andafter the first speed camera you pass, they will payfor themselves! You‘ll never get caught SPEEDINGagain