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Reverse Sensors

Reversing aids can be extremely useful. But do you put on a reversing camera system OR reversing sensors or a reverse beeper? Well it is really a personal choice.

But here are some helpful hints to help you decide-:

Adelaide Reversing Sensor Aids



Reverse Sensors (when aligned correctly and where you use the 4 sensors) will provide you with an audible beeping which get closer together the nearer you get to the object behind you (or in front). When you have a constant beep.. this means that you are approx 30cm from the object behind you. Obviously if you are reversing too quickly for the ultrasonics to catch up…then it is possible that you will hit the object before you get the constant beep. This is why we stress that the reversing sensors WILL NOT GUARANTEE that you will never hit anything – common sense must prevail here – reverse slowly and wait for the beeps.

Reversing sensors may not pick up moving objects, ie children or animals running behind the car, depending on how quickly they or the car are moving.


A Reverse Camera allows you to “see” what is behind your vehicle. Wreversepichen aligned correctly you should be able to see the whole rear of the car. However, it must be stated that as you get closer to objects they may in fact go out of the view of the camera lens. And so it is possible to still hit objects on the very corners of the bumper. But once again, reverse camera’s will not drive your car for you…. common sense must once again prevail here.

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